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Shaving Formulas Developed by Professional Barbers.

Your Shave Re-defined. Outstanding results, every time.


Amber 54 Shave Cream

5* Shaving Formula

A glycerin-rich shaving milk that creates a rich lather and conditions the skin. Natural fruit acids soften the growth creating the perfecting shaving platform.


Using the correct tools is essential if you're to execute your shave successfully. Best badger hair holds maximum water and thus creates the richest lather.

Pre & Post Shave Protector


In order to allow the razor best access to the hair follicle, the skin needs to be supple. Mr Carsons' secret blend of Pre & Post Shave Oils ensures perfect pre shave preparation.


Shaving formulas developed by professionals.


Leading Persian barber, Mr Carsons, joined forces with one of Europe's leading cosmetic chemists to create a collection of shaving products based upon the formulas created by his family for decades. The formulas had to create the perfect lather, be hydrating, soften the hairs and leave the skin protected post-shave.




This project ran for almost 14 months with Mr Carson trying & testing various recipes giving the chemist his feedback and tweaking accordingly. A trend emerged where an increased amount of fruit acids and glycerin proved to soften the hair more effectively and create the perfect platform for the blade. The end product was unlike any other shave cream Mr Carson had witnessed. The consistency of the formula changes depending on the ambient temperature of the area where the cream is stored, sometimes it's like dairy cream and other times like frozen ice-cream, but the performance is the same no matter what.
The packaging was equally as important as the product itself. Mr Carson said a shave cream should be a man's pride and joy, a tool used daily to prepare for the day ahead that must carry ornamental features that are suitable to become a bathroom showpiece. The result is a light-sensitive heavy-weight black glass jar that protects the formula from light damage whilst the lid doubles up as a shave bowl.



Mr Carsons believes that the perfect shave is achieved using a mixture of oil and lather. Oil helps the razor glide across the skin which makes the shave comfortable. Mr Carsons' age-old formula incorporated rich hydrating oils that not only leave a residue on the skin, they sink instantly into the upper layers of skin, lubricating from beneath and make the face more pliable - this creates the perfect shaving platform. This formula has been used for over 60 years in the family's emporium.




Facial hair is rough and coarse so keeping it in perfect condition is essential. This unique blend of natural oils that are rich in vitamins and acids keep the hair, and skin, soft, tangle-free and completely comfortable. Rosehip Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Grapeseed Oil work in unison to deliver the ultimate conditioning treatment, whilst fragrances developed by master perfumers subtly scent the hair.

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Barbering In The Family


Mr Carson's grew up in Tehran where barbering is an experience. Men spend hours socialising, drinking coffee, smoking and being preened. Preened in masculine environment where tradition leads, and the barber's technique is engrained through years of observing more senior family members perform their trade.

The basement of the Carsons' family Persian emporium was where the formulations were made. Natural oils were blended to create the perfect shave oil, whilst shave cream was formulated using vegetable glycerin and natural fruit acids.

The formulas date back almost 60 years, some have been altered along the way, but they've all been tried & tested in the barbers chair by the best Iranian barbers and the most demanding of shavers.




The Carsons Collection

Pre & Post Shave Protector

5* Shaving Formula

Facial Hair Conditioner

The Scents

Amber 54
Raw Amber softened with relaxing notes of Lavender.

Exotic Oud
Arabian Oud layered with citrus tones.

Arabian Pomegranate
Pomegranate peppered with middle-eastern musk.

Sheikh's Musk
Powerful musk balanced by Patchouli.

Mr Carsons' Tea
Bergamot tea blended with Aloe Vera & Cucumber.

Sir Nelson's Florist
The scent of the florist door opening.



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